We have three different lasts, each of them has a different fitting, depends on our design goals. One thing that you should note is never tried to put an order based on the size of your Nike shoe. Some of our lasts is run larger than standard size (down 1 size) and the other going true to size.

Therefore, we recommend that you should have an intense communication with us by mail (or any communication channel that possible) for the best result.

Sagara size chart

Edward Last

Edward Last is down 1 size from your true size. If you have a normal instep and feet width, and ocassionaly using socks with normal thickness, we suggest one size down from your normal size. But if you have a high instep and wide feet or occasionally using extra thick socks or footbed (in this case, you have a normal feet), then you should order true to size.
Example :
Your true size : EU43D
Edward size : EU42D


Mark / Morgan Last

Mark Last had a sizing true to size. You do not need to be confused.
Example :
Your true size : EU43D
Mark size : EU43D

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